Sunday, April 17, 2011

Charlotte's Birthday

My feisty, Charly, turned two today. This child has more stubbornness in her pinky finger than my other three kids combined. We baby her like crazy - especially Madeline and Colby, but she's not so baby-like anymore and they're feeling it. Recently they've been saying things like, "Mom, wouldn't you like a baby boy?" "I sure wish we had a another baby." "Charlotte's sure going to make a good big sister." My response.... "Uhhhh...later."

We headed to my parents for a lovely dinner and some cake and ice cream.  I was bummed that after all the time I put into, my cake didn't turn out anything close to resembling Whisk Kid's, but the kids were happy with it and loved helping me color the cake mixes.

 Daddy got her too close to the flame and it was, "hot! hot!"


Happy birthday, Char-Char.  Boy, are you ever loved :)


  1. man, she looks really old in these pictures!

  2. Happy birthday Char Char! Looks like she had a wonderful time and I think the cake looks awesome!

  3. That cake looks awesome. I can't believe she's already 2!

  4. oh happy birthday charlotte! i am sad that i haven't gotten to know you very well. hopefully we can spend some time together soon!

    the cake looks great, nat! for st patricks day we made rainbow cupcakes (with grass and gold coins on top) by dying the cake batter different colors and layering it. they turned out pretty cute but your cake looks much better