Friday, June 3, 2011

Lamp Makeover

What do you think of my new lamps?
I picked this pair of lamps up at Goodwill on Monday for $6.50 a piece!  A little stain, a little spray paint, a couple Target lampshades and…
you’d never know they used to be so ugly :)
Only thing is…they didn’t “jive” with the bedroom they are intended for.  Don't ask my why I thought these would work in Isabelle's room.

When it comes to decorating a room in it’s entirety, I seriously lack vision.  I pick bedding, like it for a month, then start looking for something new.  Convince my husband that I’ve found the perfect rug for our living room, then sell it within a year of purchasing.  Paint something one color – because I love the color, but it doesn’t work in the space.  Please tell me you do this too?

So, the lamps didn’t work.  And now here’s how they sit now, less than 24 hours after I finished them the first time.  Maybe my "vision" for Isabelle's room will be spot-on this time around?


  1. YES! I do the same thing! I'm having the same problem with the rug in my living room. I've brought home two different rugs in the past week and a half. I think we have design A.D.D.


  2. I agree with Rachel! Design ADD it is! :) I must say, I love the "after after" - the yellow is great for a girls room!

  3. I'm so glad it's not just me! I start re-planning a room like 10 minutes after I finish it ;-) I love the yellow, though! So bright and happy!

    Rachel @ Maybe Matilda

  4. They were amazing before, but I love, love, love the yellow!! And I change my mind all the time so you're definitely not alone in that department. :)

  5. That is the great thing about paint - you can always change it! Love the yellow

  6. I like everything, which is my problem. Definitely ADD! Can you post how you refinished the lamps the first time? Love that look.

  7. I love the yellow and and I love your blog :)

  8. First off... need to know how you did that like marble looking finish on the Version 1.0 of the lamps!

    Second off love yellow, currently obsessed with the whole gray, teal and yellow phase. I actually just spray painted a massive vase the exact same color.
    Pretty sure that's why spray paint was invented... for our ADD DIY disorders.

    Pamela @

  9. TO funny...I do the same thing..actually going through it right Lamps are great..but the yellow would be perfect in the redo I am doing right now in my daughters room

  10. I've done the same thing. I love the lamps both ways.


  11. I liked the taupe version. I really did but this yellow is a head turner. Can't wait to see the finished look.
    I don't think you lack vision. Maybe you are like me and just like too many different things and different looks. It's a curse but a fun one.
    Pam @ BeColorful

  12. I really love both of them. They are both really cool just totally different looks. Great job and yes I change my mind like that all the time but that is because I am not a very visual person I have to actually see it before I know if i am going to like it or not. I found this project through TT&J linky party! Thank you for sharing. Come say hi! I love new followers.

    A mommy's life...with a touch of YELLOW

  13. i do the exact same thing. hubby HATES it but he's learned to laugh at me. :)

    i never, EVER, find matching lamps at goodwill. totally jealous!

  14. I have a couple thrifted lamps that are awaiting a makeover. I liked both versions of yours, but the yellow is my favorite. You're definitely not the only one who changes her mind about design for a room. The Mr. jokes that each time he comes home from work, there are new things he's never seen or old things that are moved around. Drives him nuts.

  15. can you tell me what colors you used to paint the lamps to give them that beautiful marble look? I LOVE them that way, and would love to do some just like those for myself- but can see why they wouldn't work for a girls room! :)

  16. I loved the stained ones, and these yellow ones are great too! I recently painted a yellow lamp and it is such a cheery color.

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