Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Cabin: Part 1 of 2

We're back from the cabin :)  Yesterday was spent washing load after load of laundry!  I'm a chronic over-packer and when everything used or unused smells like campfire - it's all gotta be washed.

I took 700 photos over the four days we were there.  Something about being outdoors makes me want to take photo after photo.  It has been quite the chore pairing down my favorite to share.  Unfortunately, I'm not very judicious when it comes to picking good photos of my kids - I think they all are!  So consider yourself lucky that I'm doing this in only two parts.

Hanging out:

Motorcycle rides :

Hiking:   Zac resembles a mother duck and her little ducklings waddling through the forest here, don't you think?

Bubble blowing:

Why is nothing as exciting as playing in the rain?

Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. Those were GREAT pictures! We went camping last weekend too, and I did not take a single photo. Not one. So I'm living through yours!

  2. i see you got your new lens?

  3. you are a great photographer!

  4. I am sure that you have said this before - but what kind of camera do you have. I am looking at buying a new one. I am sure most of it is your talent, but the pictures are so wonderful!