Thursday, September 8, 2011


I scored some colorful ikat fabric at $6 a yard for drapes in Madeline's room over the weekend.  I was supposed to start and finish them yesterday, but that didn't happen.  I always have a miniature anxiety attack before I start a project that requires a sewing machine.  Once I start, I'm fine.  It's just the starting part that's so hard.  I worry about the copious amounts of time I know I'll spend picking stitches when I inevitably sew wrong sides together or stitch a crooked seam.

As a result, I stall…big time.
Oooh, this bathroom is dirty - better clean it.
I should take a few minutes and read with Isabelle.
How bout I wipe the kitchen counters one more time.
Ah.  Pinterest, I love you.  Only ten minutes (30 minutes later….)

Then before I know it, it's time to pick up the older two from school.  I thought I'd work on the drapes after we finished homework, but then the kids reminded me on the drive home that it's Wednesday and Wednesday is our "friends over" day.  Half a dozen kids under the age of eight doesn't leave much time for anything other than refereeing.  (And if you follow me on twitter or facebook you know the stress of it all resulted in me eating an entire sleeve of Ritz crackers).

So instead of starting and finishing the drapes - I measured and cut.  That is all.  


  1. Oh, that fabric is divine!

  2. Love the fabric- and for me, the measuring and cutting is always the most annoying part...

  3. I totally share your sentiments on starting new sewing projects...ugh. In fact, I pulled the same move last night. I've been putting off sewing some pillows for weeks. I finally got around to cutting the fabric last night, but who knows when they'll actually see the sewing machine!

  4. Love this! Can't wait to see what you do!

  5. That fabric looks beautiful! Looking forward to see the finished product!

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    Don't miss it! Have a wonderful weekend!