Thursday, October 27, 2011

Transformation Week Day #4

Transformation Week Day #4 is here!  Thank you for all the wonderful feedback thus far.  You guys are great and make it so fun to share my projects with you.

This antique dresser belonged to my clients' grandmother.  She wanted it painted so it would work in her daughters' room.

Here it is before.

And after.

Some of the original hardware was missing, so it all needed to be replaced.  I was lucky to get to Anthro the day they marked down a bunch of their hardware from $10-$8 to $3 - especially since this piece needed nine knobs!  

For any of you interested, they're still on sale online.  Actually, quite a bit of their hardware is marked down and available online.  Definitely worth checking out here.

See you back here tomorrow for Day #5!


  1. Great update and love the new knobs!

  2. I wish every week was Transformation week! You take such beautiful pictures and do great work!

  3. so pretty.
    kori was telling me about this yesterday.
    great job, as always!

  4. :) reborn and restyled! Love the white.

  5. so pretty. I love white furniture with glass knobs.

  6. What a transformation! A beautiful fresh new look! So pretty in white with the glass knobs. You style everything gorgeously, Natty.

  7. Looks great, as usual! And thanks to you, I checked.out Anthropologie's knob sale (hadn't even known they sold knobs, especially ones so pretty! ) and I found some gorgeous aqua ones for super cheap for a desk re-do I am working on! Thanks for the tip!!

  8. I just love white furniture! You did a great job!

  9. this ones my favorite love the dresser love theknobs.