Monday, November 14, 2011

Blog thoughts

First, thank you to everyone for the well wishes!  I'm going to need another slew of them come May when this baby is born and I'm the mother of FIVE children!  Dang, five sounds like a lot.

Second, when I started this blog 9 months ago, I never would've guessed how much I'd love blogging, how many friends I'd make and how hard and time consuming it would be.  Every once and while something will happen that makes me feel like all the hard work has paid off.  These last two weeks have definitely been that for me.

A big thank you to all those that have highlighted Natty by Design in the last couple weeks!  Thank you, thank you.

Glo MSN:


  1. Fabulous...You deserve it and your blogs have totally not been boring. Take a rest, I have no idea how you are doing it with 4 other little tiny things. Being pregnant is rough...good job!

  2. Well deserved mentions. Congrats! ~Sarah

  3. Delightd Natalie, and did you just say FIVE? Oh goodness girl, how blessed you will be! Your work is so worthy of showcase, congrats on all the accolades!


  4. So much congratulations on the well deserved recognition, Natalie!! Hope your energy and spirits are holding up. I hate the beginning of pregnancy!!

  5. I came across your blog through A Cup of Jo and I had to leave a comment- cause I'm the fifth child of my family :) A family of five kids is a lot of fun, take it from me :)