Friday, May 11, 2012

Window Casing

Zac is a pretty handy guy.  He worked construction while getting his undergrad and especially loves any type of finish carpentry.  
Right now he's trimming out a set of our friends' windows.  As I've helped him plan and gather ideas, I've taken the "opportunity" to figure out how I'd like my own windows trimmed…whenever the time comes.  
There are so many options…style, profile, size, cost, etc.

Here are some favorites.

The hard part is deciding which one I like best!
And…after all my "research", I'm still decidedly, undecided.


  1. Great post-We still have to do the trim/casing on all our windows and doors, so it was fun to look at your inspiration. I still need to decide what style to use too!

  2. LOVEing those black trim windows. Swooooon.

  3. This has inspired me - I want my windows trimed!! Love it

  4. AnonymousMay 11, 2012

    I love windows that are trimmed. It is such a clean look.

  5. Trimming out windows makes such a HUGE difference! Love the pics!

  6. Oh so beautiful! I love the casings! Especially the top and the bottom pics. the window seat with bookshelves on both sides is so dreamy. Why isn't Jason handy like Zac? I'm just going to have to start collecting my own saws and things because I really want some good carpentry done in this house...someday...someday...have to remind myself that its not going to be this month or even this year...or even the next couple of years. And even you have been in your home several years now and are still working on making it just what you want, right? I must be patient. But the beautiful casings!!!

  7. Gorgeous! Never realized the impact trim could have! AND I miss you Natalie!.. feel like it's been awhile since I've seen you! Hope you are doing well.