Friday, June 1, 2012

Madeline's birthday party - 8 years!

Birthday parties are a BIG deal to this oldest child of mine.  I've fought against it in the past because I don't love planning for all the hoopla she loves so much.
This year was different.  We started brainstorming and planning a month ahead so we could get all the details just the way she wanted.
It's been priceless to watch her excitement as we've prepped.  I think all the anticipation and planning will be what she remembers in the years to come.
After watching the difference it's made for her (over the usual scramble to throw something together a week before), I vow to plan a month in advance for all my kiddo's parties…starting with their fifth birthday…so we can make the most of their big day.
She loves all things crafty and wanted to have a crafting party.
The girls painted white canvas bags with brushes and potato stamps.  (Have you ever made potato stamps?  They're a lot of fun).
They also made pom-pom pens, friendship bracelets and used fabric scraps to decorate a cardboard cutout of the first letter in their name.
 It was a lot of prep, but perfect for a group of eight year olds!

In our family, when you turn eight you get to have your ears pierced.  She was quite excited and very NERVOUS, but she loves her new earrings!
Happy birthday, Maddie!  I can't believe my oldest child is eight!


  1. Happy birthday, Maddie! I hope you had a super fun party! I love your new earrings!

  2. I can't believe her ears are pierced!

  3. Looks like a fun birthday party, I love all the crafts

  4. I can't believe you let your 8 year old daughter get her ears pierced!

  5. so fun maddie looks so cute with earrings
    ... I told emma she could get hers ears pierced whenever she's not afraid... I've got awhile.

  6. Maddie looks great!
    Good photos as well!