Wednesday, July 11, 2012

a summer schedule and a messy house

This summer I've come up with a schedule that has allowed me to really enjoy having my kiddos home for the summer.  One week "on", one week "off".  One week where I head to the garage early and get several hours of painting in each morning.  Then the following week is an off week where I take and edit photos, schedule blog posts and really focus on getting the kids out for some fun adventures during the week.
This schedule really works for me because I get sad hanging out in the garage everyday knowing my kids are inside.  Now it's much easier because I tell myself it's only six days and then I'll have the next eight off.  It also lessens my mommy guilt - and that's so nice.
It motivates me to push through my client projects quickly.  Whatever I don't get finished in those six "on" days carries over into my "off" days and that's no good.

The only problem with this schedule is that on the "on" week, my house can be a wreck.
I am meticulous when it comes to my house.  I like it clean.  I always make sure it's in perfect condition before heading to bed so I can wake up to a clean house.

On this particular morning I was in the garage when the kids woke up, so they had to fend for themselves for breakfast.  I came in an hour later and my house was a disaster!
 Applesauce in the bathroom sink a la Charlotte.
 And a game fiesta in my bedroom.
I guess this is what I get for telling them they couldn't watch tv.
I was not a happy camper.


  1. It's amazing how fast they can make messes! Sounds like a good schedule though. I totally had a summer groove but I lost it when we got back from vacation. Need to get it back!

    1. I feel your pain! We've been back from our trip for four days and I'm just now peeling out of vacation mode!

  2. Oh dear!! But at least they're old enough to help a little too, right? I've been horrible with my house work since I got pregnant and sick. And I only have one little girl to make messes!!

  3. Thats a great schedule you have! It's nice that they can entertain themselves for a while. Right now my schedule is work during nap time, play with the kiddo the rest of the day. Kids sure do know how to dirty a place up, and fast!

  4. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly a clean house can go to the pits with kids around. My 1 year old is in a huge pick a toy, walk it 10 feet and drop it on the floor phase. I feel like all I do is follow her around all day picking things up. Maybe I could teach my 4 year old to follow her around for me. Hmmm. :) Great plan with the on and off weeks!

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  6. Through the summer my house looks like this on most days, to busy to get things done inside when we want to be outside. I actually welcome rain days so I don't feel so bad staying in.

  7. I used to dread summer because of the chaos and loss of routine! And then I asked myself -- 'what would the kids remember most when they get older?' The fun memories? Or a messy house?
    Now I just shrug at the mess, and I know eventually it will be cleaned up. Most likely in the Fall when they are back at school!

  8. work and work and work. But they are delicious. Try to have fun this weekend. I admired you.