Friday, October 12, 2012

a commercial and on-site painting

It's Friday!
This week has been so crazy busy around here that on Monday I raced off to school to pick my kids up when, wait, I never pick-up - I always take.  The carpool had already picked them up yet I was searching the school like a frantic mama.  Then it hit.  Duh.
Tuesday I forgot an appointment for Maddie and Wednesday, I completely spaced parent teacher conferences.  
I probably spaced something else - I just can't remember what I forgot.

We have a director friend (who happens to have a movie coming out soon!) who needed a family for a commercial and woohoo, we got to be it!
A moving sized truck full of camera and lighting equipment showed up and somehow fit everything from the truck into our house.  I snapped a few instagram pictures (@natty_cox) - I wish I would've taken more.  Everyone there was so practiced and cool and I didn't want to stick out like the excited new-be that I was.  So, darn it, I didn't get enough pictures!

The kids absolutely LOVED the whole thing.  I was quite surprised it didn't bother them to have two dozen strangers in the house.  Here they are awaiting their first acting debut!  They had such a hard time settling down last night after such an exciting day.  So fun!

This window trim job is the other reason my mind has failed me this week.  Zac cut and put up the trim on these windows (not exactly sure how to correctly say that) and then I came in and puttied and painted.

On-site painting is stressful.  There are so many variables!
It takes hours to tape and plastic off windows and then only minutes to actually paint the trim.  It ended up being a 13 hour day and my legs are like jello after walking up and down the ladder so many times.

That much overspray in a small place makes for some seriously frizzy white hair!

The windows all finished and purdy...

I'm looking forward to a relaxing weekend!  How bout you???


  1. This will sound like a total creeper comment but I went to follow you on instagram and you definitely aren't nattycox... natty_cox. Ha! I was looking at the other one's pictures thinking, surely this isn't her!?

    1. Not at all, Laura! :) And thanks, I changed it.

  2. Natty, What a great experience with your family and the movie.
    Those windows look amazing! Care to share a how to with the windows?

  3. Shannon, we will whenever we get around to doing it in our own house. And I can't wait!…for whenever it happens.

  4. You are so funny! I can totally relate to your post :-) Such a fun and crazy life. You are delightful Natty.