Monday, February 4, 2013

antiques around the house

There are countless reasons to decorate with antiques.  Number one for me is the immediate character and history they add to a space.  You can't beat it.  They're also trend proof, very well built and green if you consider you're reusing as opposed to purchasing something new.
And while painted antiques aren't exactly trend proof, I love them...



  1. I love a mix of antiques and new stuff- especially when an antique piece of furniture is painted an unexpected color or upholstered in a modern-print fabric. I'm loving that little black and white desk in the last picture!

  2. I'm normally not huge on animal print lately I have been thinking of getting some guest bathroom hand towels in a cheetah print for fun, however those stairs with the zebra print are very tastefully done!

  3. The yellow dresser next to the orange fridge is a perfect shade of yellow. I've got a vintage chest I've been needing to paint and sell, and I've been considering yellow, but I'm not sure how sellable it will be around here. Hmm ...