Monday, February 14, 2011


Happy V Day! I started mine off with a 7 am dental cleaning. Bleh.

For any of you who were so excited for my dining room chairs reveal...there won't be one till next weekend :(. Saturday morning Zac and the kids headed off to Lowes and Home Depot in search of a pneumatic sander (score!). He left with a sore throat and came home with a raging fever - so the chairs were put off. On a positive note, I did get an awesome sander!

The kids discovered a new Sunday afternoon favorite....sumo wrestling! I showed them some videos on youtube since they weren't really sure what sumo wrestling was. Colby thought it was awesome, the girls thought it was disgusting, but fun none the less.



  1. hahaha! love isabelle's face.

  2. I just love that their shirts are all stuffed with pillow pets. product placement? haha

  3. hahaha! love isabelle's face.