Monday, March 21, 2011

playroom progress

just as i was getting used to being the full-time entertainer to all the kiddos, the older two go back to school and it's just me and the little girls again.  now i have to adjust back to what feels like peace in comparison and it's back to work.

i primed this dresser on saturday and was supposed to put a couple coats of paint on it today but it rained.  and you can't paint with a spray gun when it rains.  

so instead we worked on the playroom.  i had all the paint colors tested and picked.  we started with the navy blue wall {we = isabelle and me}.  the rules are that she can paint with me as long she's in her undies and only i can dip the paint brush.  she's gotten quite helpful with the screw driver and managed to unscrew all the outlet covers {yes, very carefully}. 

when the older two got home they wanted a turn as well.

it's all finished and i must say, it looks darn good.



  1. I love the color. I also Belles painting. how long did Colby last?

  2. You are a better mother than me I won't let emma touch the paint. I love the color too I think you should do a post on paint brands colors and how to find the right color.

  3. That looks like some serious fun! What a good mom you are to let the kids be "helpers".

  4. can you tell me what paint color that is? Is it the same Martha color you posted recently? Thanks!

  5. Palayrom progress sis hown on the post details from here

  6. What color blue is this?