Sunday, April 3, 2011

A birthday weekend

If you just started reading my blog, I like to do a family post on Saturdays...this week it's late Sunday night, but anyhoo...

It was Zac's birthday yesterday, but he insists that he gets to celebrate as many days as he is decades.  So now that he's in his thirties, we celebrate Zac for three whole days.  It started on Friday with a day off of work, 99 degree weather and a freezing pool.

Then Saturday was breakfast at a local favorite

and on to some closet shelving.

The trampoline and some water kept the kids busy while I finished painting the playroom and we listened to this.  


Then we ended the 3 day celebration with Costco's delicious 7 lb. chocolate cake.  What did he ask for???  "Since it's my birthday, will you not steal my covers tonight?"  I did my best, but according to him it was a pathetic effort.  What can I say...I'm a blanket hog.
Happy Birthday, Babe :)



  1. happy birthday, zac! wish we could have been there to help polish off that cake!

  2. Awww super fun birthday celebration! Hope it was great for your husband! :)

  3. I had that cake for my birthday last year and EVERY time I go to costco I try and think of an excuse to buy it.

    Happy Birthday ZAAAACCCCC!

    I love the girls twinner swim suits and ALL of Maddie's silly bands.

  4. Happy Birthday Zac! That cake looks delicious, I may have to request it for my birthday.

    I actually sleep with my own blanket under the covers so I won't do that :)

  5. Happy Birthday, Zac! You guys all look so great. I've been missing you a lot lately. The kids look so darling and so big!

  6. Natty, you have such a beautiful family! I love the picture of how affectionate the kids are sitting on Zac's lap during breakfast. So sweet! I'm sure having such great kids and husband helps in creating wonders with your work! It's all incredible! Glad I found your site.