Friday, April 22, 2011

A Feature and Gratitude

Imagine you were restricted to reading only one blog per day, which would it be?  Tough question, huh?  For me it would be Little Green Notebook.  I love Jenny's style, her DIY posts and her original content.  So often I feel inspired by her.  With that in mind, you can guess that it would be quite exciting for me to have her feature my green desk today!  It can be seen here.

From the excitement comes gratitude.  Gratitude for all of you who read my blog and make this possible.  Thank you for coming.  Thank you for your wonderful comments.  I've been blogging for 2 1/2 months now and it's safe to say, I love it!


  1. LOVE LOVE the bright green desk! Im impressed!

  2. holy crap you're on apartment therapy re-nest

  3. You are one popular lady! Go, you!


  4. No surprise, you are amazing! You've inspired a couple of my projects. :) I'll have to send you pics!

  5. Well, you deserve it! HUGE congratulations, those are both awesome features! Does this mean my little pink nightstands are famous now? :)