Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cortate Furniture

On Saturday we sold a couple of our sofas on Craigslist then headed to our favorite furniture store to find a replacement couch and a pair of wingback chairs.  If you're a local, you've got to visit this awesome family run furniture store called Cortate.  It's essentially a big room with fabric swatches and catalogues from dozens of different vendors.  You pick your furniture, finish and upholstery and it's delivered in four to six weeks at a FRACTION of the cost of retail.  This is in no way a paid advertisement, I just really do love the store.  The owner, lovely Hope, has so graciously offered Natty readers an additional discount on their order if they mention this post.

You can find a list of their vendors and their location on their website here.



  1. Natalie- I love to read your blog!!! You have super cute ideas! Thanks for the rec. on a furniture store in the area! I can't wait to go check it out:)

  2. Hi Natty!
    Love your ideas and work you do...the link for Cortate furniture is now
    My sister re-designed their site and it is now much more user friendly. Check it out. Thanks!

  3. T'liese,
    Thanks for the heads-up - I changed it ;)

  4. Hehehe. What a small world. I commented last week and even got an answer from you in my email! I live two houses down from Hope and love her greatly. We just furnished our living room from Cortate and STILL can't get over what an amazing selection they have for such a great price.

    Also, T'liese (from above) is my sister. Per my suggestion, she is currently shopping at Cortate for two new reading chairs for her Master Bedroom. I got to redesign Cortate's website to help Hope. Because she's awesome. How nice of you to feature her on here!

    By the way, your dining room is gorgeous!

  5. Natalie- I love looking at all your work!!
    I've always loved to repurpose things, and I have just recently started taking up re-finishing and painting furniture!!

    Your work is so inspiring!

    I'll definitely keep coming back!!


  6. I had always wondered what that little shop was by my house. I know they recently I know, thanks!