Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I <3 Thrifting with Mr. Goodwill Hunting!


Rashon Carraway, of Mr. Goodwill Hunting, came up with this great idea to have an I Love Thrifting day all over the country where we all meet up in our hometown for a day of thrifting fun.  I’ll be hosting the group for Arizona – EVERYONE IS INVITED!  I’m so excited to hopefully meet some of my local readers, fellow bloggers and a few of the other furniture refinishers in the area that I admire so much!


Check out Mr. Goodwill Hunting’s blog for thrifting locations in your area.
Here’s the low-down on the schedule:

We’ll meet Saturday, July 9th, 9:00 am at the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store in Mesa.  I’ll be out front in my i <3 thrifting t-shirt!

1. Habitat for Humanity ReStore - 1135 South Dobson Road, Mesa, AZ 85202
2. Deseret Industries - 1020 W Broadway Rd, Mesa, AZ 85210
3. Goodwill - 1046 S Country Club Dr. Mesa, AZ 85210-4643

Then we’ll head over to Liberty Market in Gilbert for lunch.
I’ve already ordered my t-shirt for the event.  If you’d like, you can get yours here.


Put July 9th down on your calendars and come out for a day of thrifting!
Also, I’ve just signed on with I Heart Naptime as a monthly contributor.  Today my I’m talking about my four favorite vintage furniture styles!  You can read the post here.


  1. I am so excited to have you Natty on board!


  2. I am so excited to join you for this. I have long wanted to be a thrift store purchaser but haven't the foggiest idea of what I'm doing. It seems like other people always find fantastic treasures that with a little TLC become gorgeous additions to their homes but I'm quite sure I wouldn't have any idea what to buy. I'm thrilled to just follow you around and watch you treasure hunt since I don't even have a house to buy for yet! See you next Saturday!

  3. Yeah, Jessica! I'm so glad you're coming!

  4. I'm can't believe i'm going to miss meeting Arizona thrifters!

    Last weekend was the grand opening of the newest Goodwill on Country Club and Southern. I believe the
    location on Southern is now closed. I sent your info. along to Goodwill via twitter to confirm. Would hate for your party to miss shopping at Goodwill.

    Have a wonderful time and good look with the hunt!


  5. This is great! We look forward to spreading the word on Facebook and Twitter!

  6. Oh, I WISH I could come! I'll still be on vacation! Have a wonderful time for me~hopefully there will be another one someday!

  7. WOW this makes me wish I lived in AZ!!!

    Know I'll be thrifting "with" you here in Cincinnati!

    :) Ally

  8. bummer..nothing in central cali. hmm maybe i could convince my husband to head down to L.A.!! not, gonna happen...have fun!

  9. If I lived closer to you I'd join you! Sounds like fun!

  10. So bummed...I am going to gone...

  11. Okay I admit it... I'm a thrift store shopaholic! Couldn't possibly pass up the chance to attend an "I <3 Thrifting" event! Stacie Cheney and I are looking forward to joining you. P.S.- Not a word to our husbands... they may try and send us to rehab for our bargain shopping addiction. (-:

  12. Oh, I wish I could join you. I love me some thrift stores and I haven't checked out the restore yet. But, I will be out of town. I'll have to go thrifting in Utah :) So glad you had a great #28 on the 28th.

  13. I'll be there - for sure!!

  14. Im a thrifting fiend, and I would love to share my finds and love of cheap treasures with others! Yay! See you there!

  15. I will be participating in Austin, but wish I was in AZ too! Those are my favorite places to thrift and my MOST favorite place for lunch!

    Have fun ladies!!

  16. Abbey TannerJuly 09, 2011

    Bummer! Wish I would have seen this before 2pm today lol!! I would love to go next time.