Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wingback Chairs

The wingback chairs for the family room came in!  We went out on a limb and picked a creamy white, textured fabric with the understanding that it was supposed to clean well.  I’ve already cleaned peanut butter smears off of one and they came up quite easily.  Hopefully we don’t end up regretting our decision!



We ordered them from Cortate knowing that the front legs needed replacing.  They’re a little to “scrolly” for my taste.  Now I’m trying to decide what look to go for.


I love the Chloe chair from Crate and Barrel and would’ve happily purchased two of them if not for their $900 price tag.  I don’t know that it’s possible to purchase a similar base for our chairs.
I love the look of the straight legs on this chair.
jason home and garden colin chair velvet orange wing back chair
I wonder if Zac could build something similar to this Restoration Hardware wingback using the existing back legs and a few scraps from the hardware store?  It seems straightforward enough.


I also really like the look of the traditional, Queen Anne style leg on these.


I really like these too.


Decisions, decisions….

Meanwhile the kids are enjoying the houses Zac made them from the chair boxes!



  1. I kept going back to the top of the post to look at the legs of the chairs to convince myself that they aren't that bad... Yeah, they need to be changed! Can't wait to see what you do!

    My kids would have loved making a house out of those boxes too! Your babies are so cute!

  2. I'm sure you already know about them, but both Tempe Sales (north side of Broadway between Mill and Priest), and Mesa Sales (south side of Main between Lindsay and Gilbert) carry unstained bases and furniture legs in varying styles for uber-cheap. Try checking there if you haven't already. Plus they're local, and who doesn't love supporting local? =)

  3. what fun! i really like the legs on the dwell studio chair! is your living room formal!? i bought a whitish couch...i have 4 kids...the life saver is is that its micro fiber....LIFE SAVER!

  4. Love them. I like the straight legs the best...

  5. love them! would you mind sharing the vendor? It would save me hours for looking through every vendor on Corates site and I would be ever so grateful!

  6. woops nevermind i can see it on the tags..bit slow tonight!

  7. So excited to find your blog! I am your newest follower.

  8. eek I would cry... peanut butter on white chairs glad it came out. whew.

  9. I love your wingback chairs! I have an old wingback of my grnadmother's that I am hoping to reupholster one day. I lived with my grandmother for a couple years and have fond memories of her sitting in her wingback reading the morning paper. I am drawn to the traditional Queen Anne style leg. You'll have to show us what you decide upon. Love the photo of your kids!

  10. those are pretty! I like the texture of the fabric. And what great huts those boxes make. Double score, if you ask me. :)

  11. Lovely chairs, and how much fun for your kids to play with the boxes ... priceless.