Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Paint Color

Many of you have sent emails asking for the paint color of the vintage headboard I just finished.  Because I rarely get a color right the first time, many of the colors I use don’t have an actual name or number. 

Quite often I head the paint store with a color in mind, have it mixed up, bring it home and don’t like it.  It’s not dark enough, it’s too bright, or it’s too pinkish.  Then I head back and have The Painter’s Place add a little this or a little of that, until it’s what I had envisioned originally.

I quickly snapped a few photos of the paint can with my phone.  I’m thinking you can probably write this down, take it to your local paint store and have them mix some up.

IMAG0400 (1)

On the left in the above photo and the right on the photo below, is the original color I had mixed up - Benjamin Moore’s Fresh Mint.  I went back wanting it to look more like BM’s Santa Barbara Green.  Because it was mixed in two parts, it’s doesn’t look exactly like the Santa Barbara Green color swatch, but pretty darn close.


Also, the white I used for the detail, is Martha Stewart's Glass of Milk.  I hope this helps!


  1. This is why I just steal all of your paint colors for my house. My brain does not work that way!! I am seriously impressed!

  2. I love this color. So pretty. I'm trying to decide on a color for a console table I'm going to be painting soon. I'm really wanting it a bright white, but it's going to be in my living room with furniture that's painted an antique white and I'm afraid I won't like the two whites together. I'm going to look through all your pictures to get color ideas. :)

  3. Thanks for sharing your color! It's beautiful.....a very refreshing color. You came up with the perfect color for that piece.