Friday, August 26, 2011


This is what my garage looks like today.  16 drawers...count 'em.  I've sanded and filled them all, now I have to tape them off and prime them.  The weather here in sunny Arizona has tipped the scales at 115 degrees the last two days.  By 8 o'clock in the morning it's been over 100 degrees!  You know what that means?  I've had to wake up earlier to beat some of the heat...and I don't like to wake up earlier.

Fortunately for me, this little two year old of mine likes to sit at the garage door and keep me company.  Mostly she just says, "Where Daddy go?  Where Mannie?  Where Coby?  Where Belle?"  I answer and she's content for a moment and then asks me again.  She's also really good with the knock, knock jokes.  Her favorite right now is "knock, knock".  Who's there?  "Doggie"  Doggie who?  "Arf, arf".  And then it starts over again, "knock, knock…"

I finished up this antique bed for a client a couple days ago.  Behr's California Poppy is the perfect pinkish-red.


  1. take a cd player outside and put headphones in her ears that are not connected. she'll be content for awhile.


  2. Love the bed.. pretty color and I feel ya on the heat. I'm in Texas and its H-O-T!!

  3. OMG, my son has a long lost sister! My son does the same thing! Where's Tj? Where's Nick? Where's Daddy? Where's Grandma?

    THe knock knock jokes start in the car: Momma, knock knock
    Who's there?
    orange momma! lol!

    So funny! Oh and just hearing about your heat is making me sweat! Also, that white sideboard you finished the other day looked AMAZING! not sure if I left a comment:)

  4. Hooray! The bed looks amazing. Can't wait to pick it up. My two year old will love her new big girl bed!

  5. Ahh. That bed is amazing. I am glad I am not the only mommy being asked the endless where is qustions :)