Monday, September 5, 2011

The Most Unproductive Weekend Ever

How was your Labor Day?

I got nothing done.  No really, nothing done all weekend.  Scratch that.  I did vacuum my house three times, then shampooed my carpets.  That's all.  It was surprisingly un-gratifying because, guess what?  My carpet was pretty darn clean.  And lets be real, carpet cleaning is only fun when the dump tank is full of dirty sludge water, which mine was decidedly not.  I think this means I need to live it up a little more.  Maybe even let my kids wear shoes on the carpet or something.

Even though on a scale of 1 to 10 my motivation for productivity this weekend was at an all time low of minus 1, I thought I'd drop in and say hello, lest you think I'd dropped off the face of the earth.  I guess I'd better get busy so I have something to share with you at some point this week.

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PS - Isn't the color and styling of this desk spot on?


  1. It's okay Natty I understand that sometimes you need to take a breather. You will come back rested and revitalized, your paint sprayer won't know what hit it. I think it will be getting a major workout. Looking forward to seeing some good things.

  2. You deserve to rest once in awhile, lady!

    (And I have to say I am completely MYSTIFIED at your lack of sludge-water! How can this be? I clean my carpets about 4x a year, and every time there are absolutely gallons of sludge water! My kids love to see it before I empty it, and compete over whose room produces the most disgusting sludge. Yes, it's true.)

  3. How did you do "nothing" with Belle and Char Char??

  4. I am a new follower please follow me back thanks =D