Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Nifty Little Taping Trick

Do you ever have something you need to tape over before you paint, but because of it's odd shape you're not sure how to go about it accurately?  Enter:  A Nifty Little Taping Trick.  

Apply tape + outline edge with fingernail + cut with razor = a clean, accurate tape job.

Now go find something to paint so you can try this fabulousness on your own!


  1. very good tip! Pinning!
    Visiting from Whipperberry :)

  2. That will work well for the hinges on my new (old) sewing machine cabinet that is in line to be redone. Glad to hear it is finally cooling off a bit there. I lived in Phoenix for quite a few years. Now I'm in the Pacific Northwest.

  3. don't mind if i do!

    come visit anytime.


  4. D'oh! This seems so obvious, and yet apparently no one has thought of it. Thanks!

  5. Thats an awesome tip! at first didn't know what you were doing!! But great tip :)