Monday, November 7, 2011

Learning Photoshop

We don't buy school photos.  I'm cheap - they're a waste of money.  This year the kids got all dolled up so we could take our own before they left for school.  I just got Photoshop CS5 and I couldn't wait to try out some fancy shmacy editing.  I'm moving over from iphoto/Elements so the full blown Photoshop seems a tad bit complicated, but there are so many great tutorials out there that make it doable for the beginners.

Madeline: straight out of the camera (SOOC).

Edit 1.

Edit 2.

Edit 3.

Colby: SOOC

Slight edit.

Isabelle (my secret favorite child right now): SOOC


 In my next life, I'd like to be a photographer.  Now to learn to photoshop myself thin….


  1. Beautiful pictures of beautiful children.

    And you don't need to photoshop yourself thin. You are lovely.

  2. I am always learning new things with photoshop...learn how to use the patch tool and the clone tool....LOVE them. Love the patch tool for acne and boogers...things of that nature :)

  3. Your photos are so beautiful even without Photoshop.

    I need to first learn Photoshop Elements. I am so frustrated with it. There's a definite learning curve which I haven't yet found the time to master.

  4. Michelle is right! :) Gorgeous without the edit, too. You did a great job! Seems like you're learning fast :) much love, Xo

    - Urska @

  5. I have Photoshop CS3 and love it. I started with Elements 5 way back when so the move to full blown photoshop was not too hard.

    You should check out some of the actions that are available to edit your photos; there are a lot of free ones out there.

    One of my favorite add-ons is Image Doctor filters; also Imagenomic noiseware.

  6. Gorgeous! These blow the school pics out of the water! Amazing! I can't wait to see more of your photography!

  7. These are beautiful!!! Confession: I actually did try to edit myself thin after I gave birth...picnik has an "insta thin" button! lol!

  8. I have been using Photoshop for a few years now. I have two great books that I would highly recommend. The first one is by Scott Kelby. Just pick up the CS5 version - he's awesome! I also really like the book done by the RAD Actions guy - just can't remember his name right now. It's really good on it's own, too. Have fun playing around!

  9. Great edits! Good to know I'm not the only one that has "favorites" every now and then ;)

  10. Natalie these are GORGEOUS!

    It doesn't hurt that your children are some of the most beautiful that I've ever seen, BUT, I love your edits. They should be subtle and highlighting without looking like a Tim Burton movie. I am trying to teach myself now...but my free trial ran out. Do you mind if I ask you where/how much was yours? You surely don't have to if you find that too personal.

    I just really need to up the "Wow" factor on my lil' blog.

    Such a great job!

  11. Great job with the photo editing. Thank goodness Photoshop exists! Its features can enhance your photos to perfection. I love the first result of your edit 1. The girl looks more beautiful in it.

  12. Well done! All versions are awesome! I especially like the second photo. It is gorgeous!

  13. Just beautiful. All of them. One day when I grow up I'm getting Photoshop!

  14. Love your photos! What tutorials do you use to learn photoshop?

  15. I'm about 2 months behind in my blog reading after going back to work full-time, so I'm catching up this week while on vacation. First, congrats on the bun in the oven! Second, the "school" photos you took of the kids are beautiful. My son is so un-photogenic that we stopped buying school photos a long time ago. I wish he would pose for a photo, or at least not cover his face when I try to take a candid photo. Alas. Be grateful that your kids will cooperate! My son is 15, so there's not much I can do to bribe him at that age!