Wednesday, July 18, 2012

weddings, outlets and instagram

The last few days have been all over the place.  Well…really the last two weeks.  We were in Utah for a week, followed by a few days of post-vacation mess and then the realization that my kids start school in less than a month! and we haven't done nearly enough of the fun stuff this summer.  So that's what we're focusing on - the fun stuff…with a little painting mixed in between.

I'm on instagram.  I love it - maybe a little too much.  You can follow me there, @natty_cox or on twitter @nattybydesign.

Did you catch the photos of this reception?  If I could do it over again, I'd want mine to look just like this one.  Design blogs and pinterest, where were you ten years ago?

I just put in an order for a few of these.  I can't wait to eliminate the two inch gap behind our dressers!

Later on this week, I have one of the all-time best painting tips to share, so make sure to check back!


  1. Instagram is addictive, isn't it?


    P.S. Love the idea of painting mixed in with the fun stuff!

  2. My poor husband, I'm always taking pictures on his instagram so most people probably think he's gay. And where were design blogs and pinterest even THREE years ago??? I'm so jealous of brides these days, but I got married later than my friends so I guess I'm glad I got married when I did. . . :)