Monday, September 10, 2012

how to keep wood filler from drying out

Wood fillers aren't cheap.  I used to feel like every month I was throwing down ten bucks for a new tub when my current one was still 75% full…just crusty.
Anyone else have this problem?

Now the way I keep my glaze and filler soft, is to store the tub or tube in individual ziplock baggies with a little water.

Adding a tablespoon of water to a ziplock bag helps keep the moisture in and prevents hardening.

I store my fillers inside and that also help to keep them pliable.

If you've got a tub of filler laying around that's already pretty crusty, try adding a little water to remoisten it.
Anyone else have a good way to keep putty usable?


  1. Great idea that is tried and true. I store most anything that has been opened in a ziplock but they of course have limitations. I like your solution.

  2. Thank you for sharing this tip...can't wait to give it a spin. I throw out way too much wood putty! Thanks!

  3. Oh man you're brilliant. Every time I go to use my filler I have to buy a new one!

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  5. I dump the whole tub of wood filler in an old jar / canning jar with a tight fitting lid!

  6. I've heard if you store the containers upside down that can help