Tuesday, January 22, 2013

a built in desk in progress

Christmas break around here means projects for Zac.  He had a three week break from school and has been itching to build a desk in his office, so it was perfect timing.  With his new job he'll be working from home a couple days a week and his office is in need of some serious sprucing.
He's in the middle of building the base cabinets for a custom built in that will fit perfectly into his little office nook.

The room downstairs intended for an office by the builder is our playroom, so the sitting room between our bedroom and bathroom was converted to an office.  

The desk will go wall to wall with graphite colored base cabinets and a stained maple top.
These were the inspiration built in.



  1. I'll be following this one. We have a desk similar to what you are building, but it needs a makeover.

  2. We're in the process of doing the exact same thing for my husbands office. I love my Kreg Jig too. It makes things so much easier and quicker. I can't wait to see how it all turns out.

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