Wednesday, January 30, 2013

snow trip!

An unexpected perk of starting this blog was falling in love with photography…of my family, anyway.  I liked taking pictures before, but this blog forced me to learn to use my camera and in the process develop a love of photography.  I have slowly come to the point where I actually enjoy experiences and adventures more if I'm photographing them.  And there's the added benefit of being able to relive those experiences when you go through and edit the photos…and be selective with what you remember.

Santa brought us a trip to a cabin in the snow and sleds for Christmas.  (We skipped the traditional presents and went with memories this year).  We opened presents from the grandparents, grabbed our stockings and piled in the car.  On the way up, Colby excitedly said, "Santa knows what our family likes!  Trips!"

We don't have snow clothes but were lucky to scrounge up various sizes from friends.  Colby's coat was too small, his bibs too short, my bibs were too short as well and Charlotte wore little boy snow clothes!  We were quite the site.

The last day, we sledded all morning, took a break for a late lunch and within the hour we were in the restaurant, the temperature dropped ten degrees and it started snowing.  We were supposed to go back out, but I threw a small fit and sat in the car…for five minutes until I declared myself the lamest mom ever and went out with everyone else.  I was the worst of the whiners for the next hour - it was freezing!
The kids sledded and sledded, insisting that it wasn't cold.  Colby's too small clothes left his skin exposed at his wrists and ankles, but he insisted he was fine…until he wasn't.  We were packing up and heading for the car when he burst into tears, planted his bum in the snow and said he was too cold to move a muscle.  Dad to the rescue.

They're so good to indulge my, "wait, wait, let me get a picture!"  

Belle was the only one who thought I was cool enough to ride double with.

What most of our evenings looked like….  This night we were all playing tinker toys, then the kids got bored and ditched me for a movie.

Charlotte rocking the hot cocoa mustache...

This was so fun, we're already planning "memory" birthdays for this year.  Charlotte has decided she wants to go camping. :/


  1. these pictures are so wonderful (the one of your husband with a kid over the shoulder looks like a catalog shot!). Hardly anyone remembers specific Christmas gifts but travels stay with you always. What a lovely idea :)

  2. What a blast! I love looking through your pictures, you do an amazing job of capturing the moments! Just got in from bundling my 17 mo. old up and introducing him to snow for the first time-So fun!

    1. Thanks, Janna! How fun! What did he think??

  3. You might need to rethink camping. Today Charlotte invited Claire to come to her birthday at Lizzie's new house. Looks like another SF trip is in your future.

    1. Oh gosh. That girl is all about her birthday twelve months of the year. Today she was picking candles out for her cake and slept with them under her pillow. She's a nut.

  4. I love that you admitted to throwing a fit. I'll pulled the same kind of thing, even coming to the same conclusion, but have often wondered if other moms do. :)

  5. these pictures are incredible. love love love them.


  6. What a gorgeous family you have :)

  7. You're a great photographer! More great photos

    Sammy ~ Renew Redo