Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Six Dollar Duvet

Moving along with Madeline's room (you can see her dresser, curtains here and here).

A few months ago, while browsing Home Fabrics, I purchased 3 yards of a cute Robert Allen remnant fabric for $6.  I wasn't sure what I was going to use it for until last week, but I loved the color and knew I'd find use for it somewhere in her room

I found a darling white coverlet from Target on clearance that works great for our hot Arizona summers, but something heavier is needed for the winter.  That's when I decided this remnant fabric would make a great duvet cover.

For this project, I started by raiding my linen closet.  I pulled out an old lightweight, queen duvet and duvet cover and cut them both down to twin size.  (The feathers from the duvet were everywhere!)  

Then I hemmed the side I cut.

The fabric remnants weren't wide enough, so I sewed an additional piece to the side, making sure it was on the inconspicuous side that would face the wall.

Next I hemmed the bottom where the buttons will go.

When I cut my old duvet cover, I kept the side with the button holes thinking it would be easier to sew on buttons than button holes.

Placing one side of my old duvet cover and my yellow fabric right sides together, I sewed along the sides and top, leaving the bottom open.  Then, I flipped them right side out.

I attached ten buttons along the bottom to match up with the existing button holes.

And there you have it, how to make a six dollar duvet and cover.

Next up on the list for her room are decorative pillows.


  1. I have never tried sewing buttons on with the sewing machine...I'll have to try it. I am making a duvet cover next week I just can't decide whether I want buttons or a zipper.

  2. wow wow wow. i love the colors together.

  3. How old is Madeline???I have a daughter who is 10, who has the exact same DOLLY! She has had it forever and is completely smitten with it. She refuses to give it up still to this day. . . . It is super cute. I tried to get my second daughter attached to one too, but she wouldn't go for it. I have never seen anyone else with the same doll!

  4. Lindsey - my daughter is 7, She got that dolly the day her little brother was born, so she was 12 months. And she's the same - there's no giving it up!


  5. Love it! You are making me re think what I want to do in Sarahs room

  6. love it! great job!

    ps: my sil needs some furniture painted, like 6 pieces. i told her i'd ask about prices. she's in gilbert too (:

  7. You make it look so easy, and now I'm all "I can do this!"

    I also didn't know you could sew buttons on with the machine! I REALLY need to learn to thread my darn bobbin already!

    I love your brains, Nat!

  8. Great idea! I love the color - it's so cheery!

  9. THat is super cute! I love frugal projects!

  10. Very pretty! And I love the color. Brings sunshine to the room!

  11. Wow...great job. This is really son needs a new bed cover...this might be it. Thanks.

    Would love it if you would link this up to our Rockin' link party going on now at RoCa and Company. Here is the link: . Come and show off what you got. Hope to see you there...

    Remember...YOU ROCK!!

    Carmen @
    RoCa and Company

  12. Suggestion for next time. Sew both sides of the side seam to the size you want, then cut the duvet down the center of that. Kinda like stitch in the ditch. By doing that it will limit the amount of vacuming you will have to do & still leave the remainder for another small project. HTH

  13. This looks so great - the fabric is great in that bedroom!

  14. So simple and beautiful. I love this bedroom!

  15. Love shopping for fabric remnants. Your duvet is beautiful - LOVE that it was only $6!

    Visiting from 320 Sycamore. Following you now. :)

  16. Gorgeous! Her room is just stunning, and the duvet is lovely. Thanks for sharing, Jen @

  17. THanks for sharing. I am in the process of making my daughters room her 'big girl room' and I am going for the same 'look.' I got her the same bedding from Target, but in pink!

  18. I came across your blog via Pinterest... and I absolutely love this bed and bedding! You've done such a wonderful job. I just acquired a Jenny Lind bed which I will be painting white. But I'm wondering if you know where to find the white coverlet? I've looked high and low on the Internet but can't find a reasonably priced one. Thanks! :)

    1. Thanks, Tanya! I purchased it at Target, but that was two years ago…sorry.

  19. I found a darling white coverlet from Target on clearance that works ...