Tuesday, July 3, 2012

a long life

Sometimes I get a piece from a client they think wants to look new and shiny, but really just wants to be old.  It wants to show it's life and wear and flaws.  This particular piece was made by my clients' great grandfather and was sporting SEVERAL ancient coats of paint that didn't particularly want to be removed.  It has lived a long life and wanted to display that proudly.

The weathered look is not my specialty, but I find that I really enjoy it.
The process is almost therapeutic because as the painter there is more control over how the piece will come to life over prepping and spraying.  How much to sand?  Where to sand?  Glaze, no glaze?
Even though I really enjoy this type of painting, my heart is with unweathered, high gloss.  I love you, high gloss.

This is how I hand paint hardware.  Very technical and quite professional.  All that's required is that you eat the cinnamon life first.


  1. That's a beautiful color:)

  2. I do the same thing with my knobs!

  3. Hi Natty :) Love the color I'm sure the end result will be gorgeous.

  4. I'm getting that paint swatch today - love it!