Sunday, June 19, 2011

Our Hooks

We have the smallest laundry room known to man.  It’s actually more like a hallway with washer and dryer hookups.  One of my biggest beefs with our house is they way the builder portioned out the space.  My bedroom and bathroom are WAY too big and my laundry room is WAY too small.  I love my home, so I’m not complaining, just…er…griping? 

Anyway, there’s not enough room for full-blown storage in our laundry room.  So we settled on hooks.  I love my hooks.  During the school year, they look like this:

Please excuse the terrible photos.  The room gets no natural light.

And over the summer, they look like this:

Last summer I never knew what to do with the all the wet towels and swimsuits – now I do!  Madeline and Colby have dive team four mornings a week and they know that their wet towel, swimsuit and goggles go on their hook, not on the bathroom floor!  Then as we’re running to Grandma’s house to swim, they know exactly where to find their things. 

Maybe one day, I’ll actually finish the room by filling the frames….one day.

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  1. Your house is GORGEOUS! We moved from our brand new house in Utah to a house built in the 80's in Portland, the house is great, minus the kitchen, blue tile island, NASTY is all I have to say. It's special...

  2. I have the same "layout" in my laundry room too! I painted mine a bright, pretty orange (cantelope really!) and it has helped take my mind off the fact that it's too small! Good luck!

  3. Jake is graduating BYU in about a month and I am SO excited not to have his backpack by the front door anymore! (And excited that we'll finally be done with school:))

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  5. bout some of your vacation pics in the frames....since the swimsuits and towels hang there now. Then during the school year, when the back packs are can have their school art, or school photo in the frames :)

  6. I have the same problem at my house- too much where I don't need it and not enough where I do! Love the hooks. I am trying to get hubby to help me get our laundry room painted, etc so I can put the same kinda system to work for us. I never thought of hanging bathing suits and towels there too. You are brilliant!

  7. I think AZ builders did way too many of these hallway/laundry room from the garage.... Its ridiculous! Anyone with a four bedroom needs MORE of a laundry room! I have even thought of having the hubby move it to the garage.... We do have an alcove in the garage which has more room... :( Then I could have a large pantry where the washer and dryer once were... But I don't know. Our garage is insulated so its not as hot/cold as most of them here in AZ. I love the hooks!